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Observation and Mirror
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nothing is there (after Hilma af Klint)
paper collage
nothing is there
nothing is there      what does this mean?
knock at the door   pass in between
as if possessed   spiritual dream
needs to be seen   needs to be seen

the outer edge   a spiral shift
imprecise blue   cosmos is glimpsed
visions reborn   new dawn eclipsed
changes are swift   changes are swift

messages from   next higher plane
emerging forms   transcendent state
purpose in mind   always in vain
questions remain   questions remain

art like a thought   galactic death
end of the world   portal of breath
moment in time     what happens next?
paths intersect   paths intersect

not of the hand   not of the eyes
essence of how   essence of why
still in the dark      chaos replies
the answer lies   the answer lies